iPhone 12 Rumors, Design, Price, Release Date

All eyes are on Apple as we’re anticipating the release of their latest flagship. It’s still unconfirmed whether the iPhone 12 is coming at an early release this month or later in October. Apple’s biggest opponent is currently Samsung’s flagships: Note 20 and S20 series which are proven to be tough one to beat, especially with Samsung’s monster specifications.

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5G Connectivity

It’s only normal to expect 5G connectivity for the iPhone 12 flagship. We’ve seen their competitors emerge in the past years equipped with this next-gen connectivity. Competitors are usually trying to get ahead with presenting a new device in the market with the latest feature. For Apple, however, this isn’t a struggle with their yearly release. Although they fall behind, they are known for perfecting a certain technology before releasing it. Looking back, they weren’t the first to feature 3G/4G or triple-rear cameras. Despite that, rumours are hoping that we’ll finally see this upgrade for the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro Max

If these rumours were true, we would have more options to choose from on the next iPhone purchase. You might think 4 phone models is too much but is it? If you think about it, users can now choose from screen size, camera, and other differentiating features in the iPhone that suits their taste. Not to mention the price range we can choose from with 4 models.

For the display, the iPhone 12 Pro Max would be the largest iPhone with 6.7” beating the iPhone 11 Pro Max with only 6.5”. The other iPhone 12 models are rumoured to feature a 5.4” and 6.1” screen display. The best part is that all models will have OLED displays and 120Hz refresh rate – similar to the Samsung Galaxy S20.

A14 Processor

The iPhone 12’s chipset this year is likely to be an A14 chipset which is an improved processor from last year’s lineup with an A13 processor. It would as always, be a faster chip with 15% improved performance and 30% reduced battery consumption.

Colors and Price

Last year, the iPhone 11 launched with a new midnight green colour. The upcoming iPhone 12 is rumoured to be leaning towards the Pantone colour of the year – classic blue. Navy blue or phantom blue, expect that the iPhone 12 lineup will be available in a new blue colour.

One factor considered before making a purchase is the price. The debut of the iPhone 11 was already surprising with an entry cost of $699. And yes, the iPhone 12 for 2020 will start approximately lower ranging from $649 to $1099. This is the lowest starting price we could see from Apple considering that these are all OLED iPhones.

It’s still exciting what’s the final output from Apple for the iPhone 12. Other rumours include a similar design to iPhone 11, 3D-Depth sensing, and no EarPods - which is not yet final but is said to lessen costs.

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