Industry Rugged Cases for Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

For some businesses, tablets are an integral part of operations. Uses for tablets nowadays include communication and data management, tracking productivity, and more. Whether you’re using your tablet for remote work or mounted in one place, it’s essential to protect it with a rugged case.

Strike designs industry solutions that reduce the risk of damaging your Samsung tablet. These rugged cases are designed to keep your tablet protected and fully functional on the worksite or out on the field.

Strike Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (10.5")

Use your Galaxy Tab A8 (10.5) without worries with Strike’s rugged case! This rugged case protects your tablet from dust, scratches, and dents. Strike’s Galaxy Tab A8 rugged case is designed with enterprise-grade quality that meets the demands of field workers. Whether businesses use it for Logistics or Construction, Strike’s rugged case can take a beating to keep your device safe. It meets military drop-test standards and is currently one of the toughest cases in the market with its dual-layer hybrid protection. This rugged case’s outer layer is made with an impact-resistant PC outer shell and high-quality silicone inner layer skin.

The Galaxy Tab A8 rugged case from Strike also provides a convenient, easy-access design. All of your tablet’s ports and buttons are accessible and functional with this rugged case. Additionally, the Galaxy Tab A8 rugged case is equipped with a built-in kickstand functionality. This feature allows you to use your device in horizontal orientation. It’s perfect for accessing apps or files in landscape orientation.

Strike Rugged Case with Hand Strap and Lanyard for Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (10.5")
If you use your Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 for work on-the-go, use Strike’s rugged case with a hand strap and lanyard!

Same protection, same build and design, but with an additional feature, theStrike’s Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 rugged case with hand strap and lanyard allows you to easily carry your tablet anywhere you go. The hand strap provides a comfortable and secure grip, whilst the lanyard is detachable and can be adjusted according to your preference. The lanyard is sure to support the weight of your device, which you can use as a sling or shoulder strap.

Ensure that your Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is protected against damages with Strike’s rugged cases! For availability and inquiries, email us at [email protected].
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