Driving in Australia? How To Use Your Phone Legally

Using your mobile phone whilst driving is a known hazard and one of the leading causes of road accidents. Studies explain how this serves as a road distraction to motorists since it may lead to slower reaction times and riskier decision making. Governments are now implementing stricter road laws to prevent accidents caused by driver distraction because of using your smartphone whilst on the road.

Australia has strict road laws nationwide, and the government charges a huge fine and demerit for anyone using their phone whilst driving. Using your smartphone for texting, taking photos, or any application where you need to reach your device is considered illegal in Australia. It’s unlawful to do any of these whilst your car is stationary.



Demerit Points




Southern Australia



Northern Territory






Australian Capital Territory



Western Australia



New South Wales


5 – demerit points are doubled during Christmas, New Years, and Easter




Information in this table is subject to change without prior notice.

When Can a Driver Legally Use Their Phone?

You can still do essential applications like make or receive phone calls and play music as long as these are operated without touching any part of your device whilst driving. These applications must be managed only via Bluetooth or voice control. You can also use your smartphone for GPS, provided your phone is in a cradle or position in the car that doesn’t obscure the road’s view.

Making transactions with e-wallet functions are also okay only if the vehicle is stationary and off the road (e.g. car parks and drive thru). Drivers are also only allowed to hold their phone if they’re passing it on to a passenger.

What is considered illegal?

Other functions such as texting, emailing, or browsing is not permitted even when you’re waiting at a stoplight or stuck in traffic. These are only allowable when your car is parked and out of the line of traffic.

Australia and Motion Detection Cameras

Motion detection cameras are slowly being rolled out by the government nationwide. These cameras are used as a tool to detect drivers using their smartphone illegally while on the road. The motion detection cameras program is first introduced in NSW, with ACT to follow next in the first half of 2021.

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