How to Prevent Driveway Accidents with Reversing Cameras?

The main cause of road accidents is said to be caused by “human error.” Mistakes of people from driving comprise more than 90 percent of road crashes daily. Errors caused by drivers vary from speeding, drunk driving, distraction and not paying any attention.

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Accidents caused by these human errors can happen even in someone’s own driveway. Children and toddlers are killed every year on an average and leaving a number seriously injured by a reversing vehicle. Statistics have shown that seven children are killed yearly because of these off-road accidents. Reversing accidents resulting in death remain steady and unchanged in the past few years.

Even millennials experience minor accidents when parallel parking, which causes one of the biggest stress for 18-34-year-old drivers. This has resulted to automotive manufacturers incorporating modern features such as reversing cameras with parking sensors to their line of vehicles.

With the number of accidents increasing each year, steps are continuously being taken by the safety technology industry by supplying drivers with different solutions to prevent any further road accidents from happening.

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Strike provides a low-cost solution for motorists to prevent reversing accidents with a wide range of Strike Reversing Parking Cameras and Sensors that are highly reliable and can easily fit any vehicle. Motorists can choose between installing reversing cameras, LCD monitors, reversing sensors or purchase Strike reverse camera bundles for passenger vehicles, trucks, and caravans.

Some reviews are saying that reversing sensors may sometimes have trouble at taking in different fabrics, especially wool thus making reversing cameras a more ideal option for motorists. Strike has engineered Reversing Cameras that provide high-resolution image quality with water resistant housing and heavy-duty design that are compatible with cars and larger vehicles such as trucks, buses and caravans – a perfect smart solution for all motorists. These cameras can provide a better viewing angle than normal side mirrors to provide and ensure premium road and driveway safety.

Strike Reversing Sensors are also an effective option that can give you comfort whenever you back out of your driveway or into a parking space. Reversing sensors can promptly recognize blind spots and release an audible warning if an obstacle is on the way when backing your vehicle. The Strike Reversing Sensor - in chrome version is a popular choice for high end vehicles since it adds style and no longer requires painting to match your car.

Be a smart driver and lessen the risk of getting into an accident with Strike’s cost-effective solution in preventing road casualties. View the full list of Strike Reversing Cameras and Sensors here.

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Strike Group is Australia’s leading provider and manufacturer of innovative car technologies. Strike integrates innovative design and seamless engineering in all its products. The company now exports to 72 countries having appointed key partners in the American and European market.

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