How to Pick a Good Phone Case

Why do people normally need a phone case? It breaks your heart a little every time you accidentally drop your phone or spill water on it. It gives a slight panic, especially when you just bought your phone within a few months and think about the cracked screen you might get when it slips off your hand or drops to the ground face front. These are just some of the things we think about when we purchase phone cases. Let’s check what are the things we need to think about when picking a good phone case.

What Features Do You Need?

Some phones are designed with a kickstand that’s handy when you need to use your phone in a landscape position. For example, when you’re reading presentations, watching movies, or need to air out your phone at the back to prevent heating. Just prop up the kickstand and sit comfortably with landscape viewing.

Other manufacturers also design phone cases with cardholders. I’d say this is a handy feature if you use a card to tap on transportation. It might come as helpful if you’re that type that holds their phone while walking. Just place your transport card at the back of your phone and swipe it easily when getting on the bus or train.

How Much Protection Do You Need?

Are you going to a sandy place? Are you going to brave the snow skiing? Are you going to the beach? If you’re looking for protection when going on trips like these, brands like LifeProof are the phone case for you. LifeProof cases are designed for the outdoors. Their phone cases are stylish as well as rugged that are DropProof, WaterProof, SnowProof, and DirtProof. Check them out and see for yourself!

Do You Need a Rugged Case?

A rugged case is designed tougher than the typical phone case. It handles more abuse than the average case and can survive higher drops. You might want to consider investing in a rugged case, especially if your phone or tablet is worth $800 up.

Working in a harsh environment entails the need for a rugged case. Take into consideration the temperatures and possible hazards your device might need to absorb. Tough work conditions need rugged cases that at least meet MIL-STD-810G 516.7. Strike Rugged cases are one of the best options for the extra protection you need. It’s rugged, compact, can protect you in tough environments, and has a useful kickstand feature for your leisure time. It’s designed with enterprise-grade quality suitable for various industries and trusted to prevent damages to your device.

Which of these rugged cases will be your next? Check out the links below!

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