How to Mount Your Device Using RAM Suction Cup Mount

There are several options in setting up your phone or tablet to your vehicle using RAM Mounts components. Taking a glance at your device’s screen is easier when you mount it to your vehicle. One comfort of using mounts is that it allows you to navigate seamlessly and safely whilst on the road.

Here’s a step by step DIY guide in setting up your device using a RAM Suction Cup Mount:

    1. Decide which suction cup mount to use (single, double, triple).
    2. Attach a RAM Double Socket Arm to one end of your RAM Suction Cup Mount based on your preference.
    3. Attach on the other end of the RAM Double Socket Arm a RAM Mount X Grip Phone Holder or Tablet Cradle (whichever you prefer using) and turn the knob on the side to rotate or articulate your device and create a firm grip on your device.
    4. After attaching the components to one another, place the suction cup base to a clean and non-porous surface and simply twist the lever on the suction cup mount.

See video for a tutorial on the components used with RAM Suction Cup Mount:

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