How to Maximise Efficiency with RAM Mounts Across Various Industries

In demanding industries such as transportation, agriculture, retail, public safety, healthcare, and aviation, efficiency and organisation are critical to operational success and safety. RAM Mounts, known for their robust and versatile mounting solutions, offer an exceptional way to optimise operations across these diverse sectors. This guide explores the effective uses of RAM Mounts to enhance operational efficiency in various industrial and professional environments.

Understanding RAM Mounts

RAM Mounts are highly regarded for their sturdy and adjustable mounting systems, designed to secure electronics and other equipment in dynamic and often harsh environments. Their patented ball and socket system provides unmatched flexibility and adjustability, making them ideal for custom setups where accessibility and visibility are crucial.

Industry-Specific Mounting Solutions

Transportation and Public Safety

RAM® No-Drill™ Vehicle Mounts

Ideal for: Emergency response vehicles, logistics, and transport fleets.

Features: These mounts attach securely without the need for drilling, preserving vehicle integrity while providing stable support for communication devices and navigation aids.


RAM® Mounts for Field Equipment

Ideal for: Tractors, combines, and other agricultural machinery.

Features: Durable mounts that can handle the vibrations and dirt typical in farming environments, keeping GPS units and control systems securely in place and easily visible.

RAM® Tough-Mag™ 48MM 4-Point Magnetic Mounting Base (RAM-MAG48-4U)


RAM® EZ-Roll'r™ Cradle for Tablets

Ideal for: Point-of-sale systems and inventory management tablets.

Features: This cradle offers easy insertion and removal of tablets while keeping them secure during use in retail settings, perfect for high-traffic areas.

Point-of-sale systems and inventory management tablets.


IntelliSkin® with GDS® Technology for Tablets

Ideal for: Mobile carts and patient monitoring systems in hospitals and clinics.

Features: IntelliSkin® sleeves provide a protective cover for tablets, integrating with GDS® Tech™ for robust charging and data syncing capabilities. This setup is crucial for healthcare environments where device reliability and quick access are paramount, allowing for seamless removal and reattachment without compromising the device’s safety or connectivity.

IntelliSkin® with GDS® Technology for Tablets


RAM X-Grip® Universal Cradle

Ideal for: Small aircraft and helicopters.

Features: Utilises a spring-loaded 'X' design with rubber caps and sports great holding power without hiding the tablet, ideal for holding navigational aids and tablets in the cockpit.

RAM X-Grip® Universal Cradle for Airplanes

Benefits of Using RAM Mounts Across Industries

  • Enhanced Safety: Properly secured equipment reduces risks associated with unsecured devices in high-motion environments.
  • Improved Efficiency: Strategically mounted devices ensure that critical tools and information are readily accessible, streamlining workflows and reducing downtime.
  • Durability and Reliability: RAM Mounts are designed to endure the demanding conditions of various industries, providing dependable performance over time.
  • Adaptability and Customisation: The modular and extensive range of RAM Mounts allows for custom setups tailored to the unique needs of each industry, accommodating changes and technology upgrades.


Incorporating RAM Mounts into various industry operations is not just about enhancing equipment organisation; it's a strategic move to improve overall efficiency, safety, and adaptability. By selecting the right mounts for specific industry needs, businesses can achieve smoother operations and better outcomes. Explore the full potential of RAM Mounts and enhance your industry's operational standards today.

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