How To Get Better Reception Using a Cel-Fi Go Mobile Repeater

Poor and unstable mobile coverage is a challenge for businesses. Businesses lean towards streamlined operations where communications, data and important information, and work applications must be easily accessible. The lack of good mobile signal hinders communications and can cause inefficiencies in daily operations. A few minutes to hours of delay can create a negative impact, especially for incidents that require fast resolution.
A mobile phone signal is essential even for people whose work requires constant travel. Good cellular reception is key as their work requires them to be on calls like field workers, those in transportation, public safety, and more. Strike has an ideal mobile phone booster and car kit solution suitable for any vehicle and business.
Cel-Fi Go Mobile Kit for Telstra & Strike B2-B Antenna Bundle

Achieve stable cellular reception whilst on the road with Cel-Fi Go’s mobile phone signal booster. This bundle includes Cel-Fi Go’s Mobile Booster and Strike’s Car Antenna.
The Cel-Fi Go Telstra mobile kit is a smart repeater that effectively improves the mobile signal. Never worry about dropped phone calls and unstable signals when you pair it with Strike’s B2 Bullbar Mount Car Antenna. You can get up to 70 dBi gain with this setup.
The Cel-Fi Go mobile kit is an optimum solution for indoor and outdoor. It’s easy to install and is rated IP54 for indoor and outdoor installations. It’s an ideal solution to improve 3G and 4G signals for commercial properties, small manufacturing operations, remote locations, and large homes.
Check out the Cel-Fi Go Booster with Strike B2 Car Antenna and Mobile Phone Holder here.

Signal Boosting Test for Cel-Fi Go Mobile Kit + Strike B2 Car Antenna + Strike Alpha Phone Holder

Check out the wide range of Cel-Fi Go mobile boosters and Cradle Bundles here. For the complete hands-free solution whilst on the road, we recommend the bundle that includes the mobile booster kit, car antenna, and Strike’s universal wireless charging cradle.
  For instructions and other inquiries about Cel-Fi Go mobile booster kits, send us an email at [email protected].
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