How Do Mobile Car Antenna Boosters Work?


Weak cellular reception is an inconvenience, especially when you need a good signal for constant communication. Although several factors affect the mobile signal, there is also one known simple solution – using an external antenna. Let’s list down the common reasons for weak cellular reception:

1. Distance from the nearest radio tower. One of the most common reasons for a weak signal is that you might be travelling to a rural area with limited radio towers. Your mobile signal can reduce the farther you are from the radio tower’s range.

2. Network Congestion. You’re getting 5 bars in mobile signal, but the call’s not as stable as it should be. It happens when there’s a large number of users sharing the signal of a mobile tower. Each cell tower has a capacity, and networks get busy when there’s high channel loading. You can say that this factor is related to when you’re in an area that has limited cell towers.

3. Obstructions. Your cellular reception is obstructed whether it’s because there’s a tree, building, or mountain in the cell tower’s path. Mobile signal gets better when the cell tower’s in your direct line of sight.

Weak signal is sometimes out of our control, and a cell tower doesn’t just prop up when needed. But we can significantly improve the mobile signal with the use of a car antenna. How exactly can car phone antennas help us boost signal? A car phone antenna signal booster captures the existing signal from outside of your vehicle and amplifies it to your smartphone inside the car. It would only work, however, if there’s an existing signal nearby. The car phone aerial picks up the signal and transmits it to your device.

How Do Strike Car Phone Antennas Improve your Mobile Signal?

You can use Strike’s external car aerials not just for vehicle use but also for a home setup. Our car phone antennas help improve your mobile signal when travelling in rural areas or secure stable reception at a place where there might be obstructions, such as in your own home. For long drives, Strike’s external car antennas are best positioned at the highest part of your vehicle for a better chance at getting cellular reception.

Strike has a variety of car phone antennas that can significantly improve your cellular reception. You can pair this external antenna with a Strike car phone holder for long drives or working whilst on the road. Strike phone holders are equipped with an internal passive antenna that can be connected to external car antennas such as our Bullbar Antennas.

Strike B3 7dBi Heavy Duty Bullbar Mount Antenna- Black

We recommend the Strike B3 7dBi Heavy Duty Bullbar Mount Antenna for the best chance at a signal gain. This external aerial provides up to 7.0 dBi gain and comes with a removable whip for seamless removal and attachment according to your needs. This car antenna can be screwed to almost any surface to improve your mobile signal. The bullbar mount antenna is also available in a 5G variant – suitable for 5G frequency bands and devices compatible with 5G networks. Our Strike car phone antennas are also available on a Magnetic Base.

Learn more about Strike’s cell phone antennas with this video. For inquiries and more information, you may email us at [email protected].

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