Smartphone Tips : Effective Ways To Conserve Battery Energy

Can you ever recall the last time you charged your cell phone battery and it lasted for at least a couple of days?With today’s latest smartphones that seem to be ravenous for energy consumption, the battery life of your phone can surely be a problem.

Typically, the duration of a smartphone battery can last for the entire day or even reach day two before it completely depletes and needs to be recharged. While it is definitely a hassle to recurrently charge your phone most especially when you are traveling, there are a myriad of tips that will do the trick in extending the battery life of your smart phone.

The most basic yet effective way to conserve the life of your battery is by turning off your phone whenever it is not in use. Albeit other people would recommend that you simply switch your phone to sleep mode, it is more energy efficient when you completely turn your mobile off. Your battery juice merely goes to waste when you keep your phone on even while sleeping or when there is no reception. Likewise, do not be fooled by the power saving feature that often comes with your smartphones. The said feature takes an average of 30 minutes before it actually functions. In the event that you need to use your phone but not expecting any calls, sms, or emails, you must simply turn your mobile to flight mode. As your phone’s network is turned on, it constantly searches for better connection, most particularly when you are in a location with poor reception, eventually leading to a hasty depletion of your battery life.

Moreover, switch off your smartphone’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and infrared functions when they are not in use. They also consume a lot of your battery’s energy. Simply turn them back on when you actually need to use them. Features including vibrate and key tones also tend to be energy consuming. Hence, it is better if you just disable them. Manually adjusting the display of your smartphone is also an effective way to prolong your battery’s life span.

Lower your phone’s brightness when you are in a well-illuminated area. Shorten the screen timeout of your mobile, most particularly when you do not habitually lock your phone after using. Most smartphones also boast of dynamic wallpapers. Unfortunately, this feature eats up a lot of power from your phone’s battery. Consider disabling this setting and opt for motionless photos and graphics for your screen. Although it defeats the essence of being a smartphone, making your mobile a little less smart may actually help you conserve battery energy.

Sometimes, we tend not to close the applications that we have used. With the current phone’s capacity, it can surely run all applications at the same, consequently leading to a rapidly depleted battery. Thus, you must remember to close applications that are already not in use. Internet usage is also an enormous factor on why your battery’s energy drains quickly. When you are simply using online messengers such as iMessage, Viber, and the like, you may switch your internet mode to 2G instead of 3G or 4G. This will help you save up to 50% of your battery’s power.

Lastly, never let your battery drain all the way down. Gone are the days of nickel-based batteries that followed the full-charge-full-discharge method. Smartphones are now made with lithium-based batteries that needed to be recharged immediately and frequently. With the help of Strike Alpha Cradle, you can avoid going out with a dead battery through its fast-charging capabilities. Visit our Product page for more information.

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