Car Technology Feature of the Month: Reversing Cameras and Sensors

Some of the latest cars are already equipped with reversing sensors. And if your vehicle doesn’t have one yet, we’re giving you a few reasons why you should get one.

If you’re battling with limited rear visibility, it’s good to install a reversing sensor and camera. You’re getting the safety you need when maneuvering in parking spaces whilst also preventing accidents. There are some cases of child fatalities due to reversing incidents. Whether you have a kid running through your driveway or not, it’s best to always be on the safe side.

How Do They Work?

Reversing sensors are installed at the rear of the vehicle. These sensors emit a sound that indicates how close you are to an obstacle helpful for parking.

Reversing cameras need the camera itself and a monitor. The cameras activate when you put your gear in reverse so you can see what’s behind your vehicle. It’s easier to check what’s behind with ease such as your blind spots with these products to aid your driving and parking. Additionally, these are effective equipment that helps prevent accidents.

Strike Reversing Sensors - Black

We have effective reversing sensors that can be equipped in your car, SUV, or sports car. You can have this installed in your vehicle without cutting or soldering. It is also available in chrome.

Strike 4.3" RVM-Clip on Monitor and Butterfly CMOS Camera Bundle

We also have reverse camera bundles with a camera and monitor for your use. We also have variants that are compatible with a Toyota and Hyundai mount. Our reversing camera bundles offer a super wide 180 degrees viewing angle and compact sizing for convenient installation. They provide the best reversing system package.

If you’re driving a truck and in need of a camera and sensor bundle, you can try the truck and caravan bundles.

About Strike Group

Strike Group is Australia’s leading provider and manufacturer of innovative car technologies. Strike integrates innovative design and seamless engineering in all its products. The company now exports to 72 countries having appointed key partners in the American and European market.

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