Best Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G Rugged Cases

Samsung unveiled its latest devices last month. Alongside cutting-edge technology is always a price that would break your bank. The latest Note20 series is considered their powerhouse for productivity which includes features that let you work with a computer-like experience. Multitasking on the Note20 flagship is easier with their improved Samsung Dex compatibility, allowing you to use a smart TV for a bigger screen. With all these features, disaster’s waiting for a luxury phone without a rugged case. For a $1,500 price tag, you’d immediately think of purchasing a case to go with a new Samsung Note20. Here are some of our recommendations from OtterBox that would secure the Note20 and prepare you for your daily activities.

OtterBox Defender Case

Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G Defender Series Rugged Case
Image from: OtterBox

The Defender line from OtterBox is the pioneer for rugged cases. The OtterBox Defender case for the Samsung Note20 Ultra delivers military-grade drop protection and antimicrobial defence. This defence isn’t often seen in other heavy-duty cases. It protects the exterior of the case against common bacteria.

The Samsung Note20 Defender Case is suitable for difficult work environments. Its durable exterior prevents damages from accidental drops and prevents the entry of dirt in the Note20’s ports. Although the design is heavy and bulky, it gives the ultimate protection for your device.

OtterBox Symmetry Case

Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G Symmetry Series Case
Image from: OtterBox

The OtterBox Symmetry line is also equipped with micro bacterial protection. Although made with a thinner design, it’s still packed with ultimate protection from OtterBox. The Samsung Note20 Symmetry Case is a preference for those who want to protect their device with personal style. You can choose a variety of colours from the Symmetry line. With a slim design, you can easily fit the Note20 in your pocket. The OtterBox Symmetry is also the easiest to remove and install whenever you feel like changing cases.

OtterBox Commuter Case

Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G Commuter Series Case
Image from: OtterBox

The OtterBox Commuter line is like the Symmetry case. It is also designed slimmer than the OtterBox Defender and easy to slip in your pockets. The Commuter line is also infused with the additive that prevents microbial growth. The OtterBox Commuter case, however, protects the Note20 from dust and debris, unlike the Symmetry which does not have cover for the prevention of dust entry.

Additionally, the above cases are all wireless charging compatible. The Symmetry case is often a favourite from users with its variety of colours, slim design, and easy installation. The Defender is most suitable for those who need hardcore protection. Overall, the choice of case also depends on your daily activities and the environments which you expose your device to.

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