Best Phone Cases for iPhone SE (2020)

Apple's iPhone SE 2nd gen is considered as the cheapest iPhone that Apple has released. And although it doesn't cost a thousand dollars, it still hurts the pocket when you make the purchase. High-end phones like the iPhone have sensitive screens that could easily break as soon as you drop it, especially when it lands face-front. A protective sleeve is what you need to prevent accidental damages. Phone repairs will cost you dollars in the long run if you aren't careful.

A rugged phone case gives you the added protection you need for your lifestyle. It might cost more than the average clear case you can usually buy, but it's worth it in the long run. Here are some of the rugged iPhone SE 2020 cases we recommend for you:

Otterbox Defender Case

The iPhone SE (2nd generation) Otterbox Defender case is built like a tank. Although it's bulky because it's thicker than most rugged cases, it's best for heavier phone users who need this type of protection. With its multi-layer protection, you can be sure that your iPhone SE walks unscathed after accidental drops.

Strike Rugged Case

The iPhone SE (2nd gen) Strike Rugged Case is a more lightweight option. It has a sleek dual-layer design that's rugged enough to protect your phone from damages and dirt. Its outer layer is made of impact-resistant hard PC outer shell while the outer layer is high-quality silicone skin. It meets military drop-test standards which is suitable for various enterprise industries including transportation, warehousing, public safety, retail, and more.

LifeProof Next

The iPhone SE (2020) LifeProof Next case isn't waterproof, but it's sure to protect you from drops, dust, dirt, and snow. So if you're thinking about going through dirt roads or skiing, this is the rugged case for you. It can survive 2-meter drops and will keep your device's ports free from dirt and debris.

Explore your adventures with style! The LifeProof Next also has a subtle style if you're the type that considers the aesthetic of a phone case. It has a transparent back and colored halo that amplifies the refined look of your iPhone.

Protect your iPhone SE the best way possible. What's your iPhone SE (2nd gen) case going to be? Check out our available Strike, LifeProof, and Otterbox cases here.

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