Best Mobile Broadband Booster for Your Home Network


Signals from your mobile router can get patchy when you're far from the source, if obstructions are on the way, or you’re just generally in a rural area with a weak signal. Several other factors can affect your signal, but it becomes manageable once you use signal boosters. You’ll also notice that signals are sometimes weaker on the second floor or in certain areas of your home that are far from the router. When this happens, you would need a booster to amplify your existing signal to cover larger areas of your home.

Do You Need a Mobile Router Booster?
Consider purchasing mobile broadband boosters a long-term investment. Mobile broadband boosters are essential to prevent unstable network connection and provide an enhanced signal when you need it. Additionally, you can also use it anywhere you go. You can use it at home, in your office, car and other locations.

Telstra Netgear Nighthawk M1 Patch Lead & Magnetic Base Antenna Bundle

You might think, how exactly does a mobile reception booster work? Combine the work of a patch lead, exterior antenna, and the signal coming from your router. The patch lead serves as a converter to connect your router with the exterior antenna. The antenna then takes the existing signal around your location and rebroadcasts it to the area with a weak signal or no reception.

Strike provides the best mobile broadband booster value pack that improves the performance of your router to prevent unstable network and dropped calls for home, mobile, and office use. Strike antennas are suitable for all wireless broadband modems and mobile phones. We have boosters for the Telstra Netgear Nighthawk M1, Telstra WiFi 4G advanced and Optus 4G LTE which you can check out here. Our mobile broadband value pack includes a patch lead and Strike antenna to boost your connection by 7.0 dBi gain. Choose from a bullbar mount antenna or magnetic base antenna – whichever is more suitable for your use.

Strike is the best solution for boosting mobile broadband signal. Check out our antennas and patch leads! Be wary with patch leads because these aren’t generic and you’ll need the right one for your phone or mobile broadband. Send us an email at if you need assistance.

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