Best Military-Grade Rugged Cases

Whether you’re using your smartphone for work or your lifestyle, it’s considered a smart investment to buy a rugged case. Manufacturers can claim that their latest device can survive a certain meter in drop or weatherproof protection, but we know that only a rugged case can put our mind to ease when bringing our phone out. Not even high-end smartphones can survive an accidental drop when it falls with the display down first. You’re fortunate enough to have just a crack at your screen protector (if you have one) because your LCD can break completely in worst case scenarios. Here are our top recommended military-grade heavy-duty cases from Strike that are worth the buy to prevent these scenarios.

Armour Tough Cases

Strike iPhone 12 Pro Max Armour Case (Black)

The armour heavy-duty case range has a clear cover that preserves the sleek design of your phone. It’s made with dual-layer protection that prevents acquiring damages from accidental drops and bumps. The corners of the rugged case are also designed with reinforcement for a shock-absorbing design. This protective sleeve has an additional feature; it has a 360 degrees rotation kickstand that you can conveniently prop up for horizontal viewing. The metal ring provides a comfortable and secure grip on your device. Lastly, it comes with a magnetic patch that you can use to attach to a magnetic car mount.

Strike’s armour tough case range is suitable for you if you want to accentuate the style of your latest smartphone device whilst giving it the best protection.

Iron Rugged Cases

Strike Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 5G Iron Case (Black)

If you’re looking for a military-grade rugged case that also gives your smartphone’s look an edgy style, then this is the tough case for you. Strike’s iron rugged case range also provides the same features and protection as the armour case.

Strike Rugged Cases

Strike Rugged Case for Samsungc Galaxy S20+ (Black)

Strike’s rugged cases range is the first among Strike’s military-grade protective sleeves. This tough case range is guaranteed to give you enterprise and military-grade protection suitable for industries with harsh work environments. It features dual-layer protection, a built-in kickstand, and MIL-STD 810G in drop test standards.

Strike strives to provide the best protection for the latest smartphones and tablets in the market. These rugged cases wrap tightly around your device for the best defence against unwanted bumps and drops. All of the above Strike rugged cases are designed to give you hassle-free access to your ports and raised edges to prevent scratches on your screen. Additionally, Strike’s heavy-duty cases come with an industry-leading lifetime warranty. Check out Strike’s wide range of protective cases here.

Here’s a video on Strike’s rugged tablet case you can also check out.

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