Best iPhone Car Mount and Rugged Case Bundles


Bundles are essential and can be considered an investment in the long run. It’s also rare to see a phone holder and a rugged case bundle. Strike’s car phone mounts and rugged case bundles are your next driving partner. These provide not only the best protection but also comfortability whilst you go on long drives. The bundles we have prevent your phone from acquiring scratches because of constant case removal when placing your device on your phone holder.

Strike Alpha Apple iPhone 11 Car Cradle with Strike Rugged Case Bundle

Starting with the iPhone 11 car phone holder in this bundle, this cradle is custom designed to hold and protect your Apple device. Strike’s iPhone 11 phone cradle is crash tested to withstand up to 25G in the event of an accident, making it suitable for enterprise use. Here are some key features of Strike’s iPhone 11 car phone holder:

  • Fast-Charging – Designed with enterprise-grade charging to ensure your device is kept with sufficient charge for your daily activities.
  • Signal Boosting Capabilities – You can stay connected with your team wherever you go, including low-signal areas. Just connect the internal passive antenna with an effective external aerial for improvement in the mobile signal.
  • Universal Mounting Design – It’s engineered with the 4-hole industry-standard pattern at the back of the cradle that’s compatible with solutions that use the universal AMPS pattern. Strike’s iPhone 11 phone holder is compatible with RAM Mounts solutions. You can choose from the wide range of RAM Mounts solutions available at Strike here.
  • Available in Variants – Strike engineers these iPhone 11 phone mounts in different versions: PRO-install, DIY, Wireless Charging, and suitable for use with rugged cases such as LifeProof, OtterBox, and Strike. (The phone holder in this bundle is PRO-install).

Included in this bundle, is an iPhone 11 Strike rugged case. Strike’s rugged cases are known for enterprise quality. The protective sleeve can protect your iPhone 11 from accidental drops and scratches. The iPhone 11 tough case provides easy access to all your device’s ports. It also has a raised camera port to prevent damages on your camera lens.

Double the protection you have on your device as this rugged case withstands military drop-test standards. This feature is suitable to meet field workers’ demands and those in industries such as Warehousing, Manufacturing, Public Safety and more.

Try this iPhone 11 Car Phone Holder and Rugged Case Bundle from Strike for your daily applications and to enhance your driving experience whilst on the road. We also have cradle bundles with OtterBox and LifeProof that you can check through these links.

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