Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases: Strike, OtterBox, and LifeProof Compared

Here are some phone cases you should consider if you’ve just bought your iPhone 11 Pro Max. We’ll recommend slim cases or bulky cases that might be a bit pricier than the usual clear phone case, but this is for a good reason. Rugged cases are tougher, seals your phone’s ports tighter, and prevents damages better than regular cases.

Tough and made for the outdoors:
LifeProof Fre Case for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (Black)

LifeProof is the rugged case you need for tasting the outdoors. It has all the Proof that you need for a complete outdoor experience - WaterProof, DropProof, DirtProof, SnowProof! Water is your friend with LifeProof Fre. This rugged case’s waterproof capability is one of the best for your iPhone 11 Pro Max. The LifeProof Fre case is also slim and wraps around your device tightly to cover your phone’s ports and shields it from dirt and debris. It even has a lens cover, so you don’t have to worry about any leaks that might enter your phone.

Built like a tank:
OtterBox Defender Case for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (Black)

There's a reason why OtterBox is a known rugged case amongst its competitors. It’s made heavy and thick to give your device maximum impact protection from bumps, drops, and debris. Suit your iPhone 11 Pro Max with an OtterBox Defender case to keep your iPhone in style and heavily protected. Built like a tank, the OtterBox rugged case gives you all-in protection to keep you ahead of your daily grind.

Rugged for enterprise use:
Strike Rugged Case for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (Black)

Slim, sleek and rugged enough for enterprise use, the Strike Rugged case wraps your iPhone 11 Pro Max in dual-hybrid protection. It meets military drop-test standards that are suitable for harsh work environments. It’s effectiveness as a rugged case does not lessen off over time and will remain tough for enterprise use. The Strike Rugged case provides access to your iPhone 11 Pro Max’s ports, camera, and headphone jack. Compared to other rugged cases, its price is more budget-friendly without compromising quality. Your iPhone 11 Pro Max is sure to be protected heavily with a Strike Rugged case.

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