Best Car Phone Mounts from Strike

The best car phone mount would sometimes depend on your preference, which is why there are different kinds of car phone mounts that we often use. The most used are vent mounts and suction mounts since these are easy to install and remove. Now, there are even more phone mounts that you can choose from, such as suction mounts with magnetic charging capabilities.

Here are the best car phone mounts that you can get from Strike:

Strike Universal Cradle with Windscreen Mount

  • DIY installation
  • Includes a TR Universal XL Cradle
  • Windscreen Mount – vibration-free mounting system that can rotate up to 360°
  • The windscreen mount can also stick to any flat surface and countertops. A disc is included that can be used if seal is not available
Strike Universal Cradle and Swivel Mount Bundle
  • DIY installation
  • Includes a TR Universal XL Cradle
  • Swivel Mount – screw-mounted and adjustable by 45° to give a comfortable viewing position in your vehicle
Strike Snap Wireless Charging Magnetic Car Phone Holder
  • $99.00 and worth price with its package contents!
  • PRO-install version (a DIY version is also available)
  • Mounting Bases included: windscreen mount and vent mount
  • Fast and safe fast charging capabilities with overcharge and temperature protection
  • Includes 4 N52 magnets for a strong hold on your device

These car phone mounts from Strike ultimately provide the best viewing capacity for users whilst on the road. Strike’s car cradle mounts are also designed tough and durable that can hold your device firmly even on bumpy roads.

Check out our available Strike car cradle mounts here! We also have a variety of universal car phone holders and tablet mounts available. Whether it’s for an Android or iPhone, our selected universal car phone holders are equipped with charging capabilities that are suitable for your device. Check them out here!

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