Apple’s iPhone 13: 2021 Release Date, Lineup, Rumours and More

As we’re entering a new fiscal year, rumours are surfacing on the web about Apple’s next flagship. Apple has been consistent with the names of their flagship using consecutive numbers but skipping an iPhone 9 on their list. It’s suggested that Apple will go with naming the next lineup with iPhone 13. 

We know that Apple doesn’t make drastic changes in the design of their flagship models with their yearly release. It’s rumoured that the iPhone 13 smartphones will have the same features as their iPhone 12 predecessor. Aside from improvements in the latest flagship’s specifications, the best rumour is the way the flagship’s PRO models are positioned at a lower cost. 

iPhone 13 Release Date
The rumour about the iPhone 13’s release date is patterned to Apple’s previous releases. Although last year’s iPhone 12 release was pushed back to October because of the pandemic, we’re expecting to see the iPhone 13 flagship announced by the third week of September. 

iPhone 13 Desig
The four phone models to be released this year are rumoured to be same in the size as the iPhone 12 predecessor.  We can be expecting the phone sizes to be 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.7-inch respectively for the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max model. It’s also rumoured to be a few mm thicker and heavier than the iPhone 12 to accommodate a larger battery.

For those that aren’t a fan of the notch, this is your year because it’s rumoured to be smaller in size. Although not completely removed, Apple gives its users a bigger screen ratio. The reason for the notch shrinkage is because Apple is rumoured to be compressing the flood illuminator, sensor, and dot projector by using a smaller chip size for the Face ID scanner.

iPhone 13 Colors

Several rumours are circulating about the iPhone 13’s colours. We might be seeing a pink variant, black, and orange for the iPhone 13. Rest assured, the latest flagship is rumoured to be available in appealing and tempting colour variants. 

iPhone 13 Rumoured Features

It hasn’t been confirmed whether the lineup will feature a 120hz screen as Apple is looking to reduce battery consumption LTPO OLED display technology. Samsung Display will be Apple’s display supplier for the LTPO OLED screen. Aside from reduced power consumption, it also provides a thinner display for the iPhone 13. 

Another rumour for the display is an always-on feature. We’ve already seen this with Android smartphones and Apple might adopt the feature as well. The always-on display will feature the clock, battery charging level, and phone notifications. 

The iPhone 13 will sport an A15 bionic chip for its processor which will still be produced by TSMC. Of course, this chip will improve the speed and efficiency of the latest iPhone. 

Some of the features Apple improved lead to better battery performance. For the battery itself, Apple is rumoured to go with a larger battery which should result in longer battery life. We’ve been waiting for Apple to at least have 4000mAh battery life for their yearly flagship and that’s what they’re giving their users for the iPhone 13 lineup. We’ll see significant improvement in battery life, especially with the iPhone 13 Pro Max since it’s rumoured to have a 4,352 mAh battery capacity. Reverse wireless charging capability also remains another rumour for this year.

Camera improvements are also coming to the iPhone 13 lineup. Sensor-shift stabilization which was previously only available in the iPhone 12 Pro Max is now rumoured to be featured across the whole range. Apple is also improving their night mode for low-light environments in the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max by upgrading its ultra-wide lens. You can also use this mode for taking better photos of the night sky.

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