5 reasons why Strike Alpha Cradle is the best accessory for your phone


Whether you’re an office guy travelling around the city, or an outgoing person who travels in rural and mountainous terrain then a good travel accessory would be perfect for you! Strike, which started as an inventory solutions business back in 2001 and transformed into the leading manufacturer of hands-free products continues to create innovative solutions for consumers across the globe.

Use your mobile device whilst driving

The use of mobile phones while driving can be really dangerous. As a matter of fact, Statistics & Research done by distraction.gov shows that there are approximately 3,154 people killed in motor vehicle crashes in 2013 alone with an estimate of around 424,000 injuries on the same year. Strike, knowing the dangers of distracted driving had innovated a hands-free car kit that you can use anytime and most importantly whilst driving. These products are also in accordance with Australian road laws and are fully compatible with any Bluetooth car kits. They also come with an internal charger so you won’t miss a call from your friends and loved ones. It also has a signal boosting capability which would greatly help you out when you need it most. You just need an external antenna and you’re good to go. With it, you can stay connected whenever you want and wherever you are. It’s literally one of the coolest features Strike Alpha has!

Sleek design

With its black colour and rigid design, this phone cradle is definitely an eye-candy. It minimizes the annoying fuzzy wires that most phone docks have. It has a tight grip that works phenomenally and a suction cup that works really well. It has 2 variations, the DIY package and the PRO installed kit. The DIY or the (Do it yourself) package includes a windscreen mount and a quick-start guide to help users install the cradle themselves. The Pro kit on the other hand requires the help of a professional installer and includes a swivel mount.

Boost your mobile signal with the help of a Strike Antenna

Strike Mag Base Antenna


Having problems with your signal when you’re on the road? Need an extra boost to your mobile reception? Worry no more as Strike Alpha Cradle when paired with an external antenna has signal boosting capability. Every package of Strike Alpha Cradle comes with an FME male connector that you can use with an external antenna for improved mobile reception anywhere and anytime. Now, you won’t be having any problems when calling someone, or even using your mobile device anywhere you go as long as it is attached to your Strike Alpha Cradle. Strike also has different variations of Strike Antenna which can be seen here.

Best bang for your buck


iPhone 6 Car Cradle


Priced at AU$149, the Strike Alpha Cradle may cost more than your usual cradle. Although a bit pricey, the cradles have all the benefits you would want for your device.

  • Strike Alpha Cradles offer you MORE. 
  • Fully compatible with any Bluetooth car kits.
  • Has a fast charging capability. Perfect for long travels. 
  • Superior Durability with up to 3 years warranty. 
  • Has a signal boosting capability provided that you’ll have an external antenna attached. 
  • Wide selection of mounts to choose from.


    It can also withstand crashes without damaging your precious gadget/device. (Passed crashed tests done by a “third-party” industrial testing organisation)


    Additionally, Strike recently launched an industry specific mounting solution perfect for various working environments like in Construction, Education, Medical, Aviation and Agriculture. Strike’s versatile range of mounts and holders are perfect for any conditions and different fields. For more information you can check our full list of Cradles and mounts.

    Heaps of variations for different devices

    Strike’s vehicle cradles and mounts have tons of variations for different devices such as Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Iphone 5s and 6, HTC One Series as well as Microsoft Lumia phones. Also, it has different variants that fit devices with LifeProof, Otterbox Defender, Griffin Survivor, or even Strike clear cases. You can check the full list here. These are perfect for professionals who are looking for an extra protection for their precious devices. You can check the full list here These cradles are without a doubt the perfect accessory for your phone so order today by calling our customer hotline on 1300792044 or give a quick view of our complete Strike Alpha Car Cradle range.


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