4WD Driving in Australia

Four-wheel driving, or 4WD, is very popular in Australia. Our rough terrain, pristine beaches, and beautiful rainforests make it an exciting activity when camping, on a family holiday, or even just as a weekend activity.

Four-wheel driving is so popular in Australia that enthusiasts can even go on tours to the best spots around the country. Many big cars such as utes and four-wheel drives have 4WD capabilities and their features include maximum safety.

Popular 4WD spots in Australia include Cape Palmerston National Park, Fraser Island, Carnarvon Gorge, Rainbow Beach, Kosciusko National Park, Wadbilliga, the Great Dividing Range, and much, much more.

Australia is clearly renowned for its beautiful, scenic spots for you to adventure in but there’s always going to be some downfalls. Reception is sometimes hard to get in remote places and this could ultimately be a safety hazard. Although going on a 4WD adventure and getting a bit lost is fun, having absolutely no access to GPS functions and communication capabilities can be dangerous in Australia’s often unpredictable and tough climate and conditions. Not only is it important to have good reception when embarking on your adventure, it is a must that your phone is fully charged. GPS drains a lot of battery so having your phone connected to a charger is a necessity for peace of mind.

Strike recognises that Australians love four-wheeling driving and as such, we have developed products that will make your 4WD experience both safe and enjoyable.

Our Alpha Cradle range will help you to have peace of mind when embarking on your adventure. The range has a variety of cradles tailored to suit many brands of phones including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC and the Blackberry. Not matter what your phone brand is, the Alpha Cradle range enables you to charge, hold and boost the reception of your phone in your car. This is the ultimate convenience for the modern-day driver. If the terrain gets rough, you don’t need to worry about your phone falling out of the cradle. It’s designed to fit your phone like a glove so it’ll be secure while maximising your phone’s full capabilities.

The Alpha Cradle range is designed to suit tough Australian conditions which makes it ideal for 4WD enthusiasts. The 3-year unlimited km warranty also gives peace of mind to drivers.

Purchasing a Strike Alpha Cradle will guarantee that you’ll be receiving the best in hands-free solutions when embarking on your adventure. Happy driving!

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