Case Study: The Cradle and the Dex

The Cradle and the Samsung Dex

Strike's innovative automotive solution transforms your car's interface into a computer with the help a Strike Alpha Car Cradle connected to a Samsung Dex Station.

Samsung Dex

The Samsung Dex calls itself the ‘powerhouse of productivity’ and it is not hard to see why. Samsung’s latest device is advanced and flexible: acting like a dock on its own, the Samsung Dex Station can both charge your Samsung device and transform it into a computer. The Samsung Dex Station will work with the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note 8 devices.

Strike Alpha Car Cradle

Strike’s Alpha Car Cradle is an enterprise-grade phone holder designed to charge, hold, and protect smart devices while you drive. Clients have used Strike’s world-renowned cradle in various technology integration solutions. Strike has designed specific cradles for the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note 8 devices.

The Alpha Cradle + Samsung Dex Solution

Our solution transforms the Strike Alpha Car Cradle into an integral part of a complete enterprise mobility system. We do this by integrating it with the Samsung Dex Station.

How does it work? Simply connect your Cradle to the Dex via a Strike enterprise USB-C cable and then link it to the vehicle’s inbuilt or separately installed screen via a HDMI cable. You can then hide the Dex and cords behind your vehicle’s dashboard or in the glove box – somewhere out of the way. Users can also connect this setup to a keyboard, and other accessories such as mobile printers and cameras.

The Samsung Dex and Strike Alpha Car Cradle hybrid has massive implications for enterprise mobility. This solution benefits industries including military, emergency services, police, fire, ambulance, or anyone else who requires better enterprise mobility.

A Closer Look

The recent IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) Conference 2017 showcased the Strike Alpha Car Cradle alongside the Samsung Dex as a fully incorporated mobility package.

Installed horizontally inside the demonstrative vehicle, The Strike Cradle was connected to an inconspicuous Samsung Dex within the dashboard and further connected to an in-built screen.

Once docked into the holder, the Samsung phone’s interface was transferred onto the larger screen. A keyboard, scanner, and printer were also connected to the screen; this set-up allowed the user to access their data and print it easily.

The integration of the Samsung Dex and the Strike Alpha Cradle allowed flexibility and functionality, which benefited the policing industry.

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