Strike partnered with a Tablet Manufacturer to deliver a World Class Solution

Strike partnered with a Tablet Manufacturer to deliver a World Class Solution
Strike’s impressive ability to deliver customer-specific solutions was what allowed an Emergency Services organisation in Australia to deploy new Android devices across their 650+ truck fleet. These devices required ruggedized cases, whilst also being safely mounted and accessible to the drivers.

Strike’s full solution involved building specific cradles for the devices that were housed in ruggedized cases. The cradles were crash tested to a remarkable 22g and then were placed in a prominent position in the vehicle.

The Strike Alpha Cradle was what allowed the Emergency Services organisation to make the investment into new Android devices, all the while knowing that their devices would be charged, protected, and accessible at all times.
Constant technological advancement means device manufacturers need to develop new models of their smartphones and tablets every year. Thus, the availability of cradle & mounting options can directly influence the final call on which devices companies decide to purchase.

Strike Group works with manufacturers all around the world to create the best cradle & mounting solutions for customers.

We are currently expanding our relationship with device manufacturers even further in order to produce cradles & mounts that can be available at the time of handset/mobile device launch.

We can help you achieve your goals by creating and manufacturing specific solutions especially for your devices.

Our expanding relationship through strategic partnerships with manufacturers all around the world means that Strike Group can deliver well-timed, customised cradles & mounting solutions to suit your needs.
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