Case Study: Using Strike Alpha Cradles in Vehicles to Improve GPS Signal Accuracy

Strike Alpha Cradles in Vehicles to Improve GPS Signal Accuracy


GPS technology has become an essential tool for businesses operating vehicles, enabling them to track and manage their fleets more efficiently. However, GPS signal strength can have trouble penetrating layers of material in vehicles, causing significant location accuracy issues. One solution to this problem is to use Strike Alpha Cradles, a device designed to enhance GPS signals in vehicles. In this case study, we explore how a transportation company used Strike Alpha Cradles to improve their GPS signal accuracy, leading to better fleet management and cost savings.


The transportation company in question operated a large fleet of vehicles across a wide geographic area. They relied heavily on GPS technology to track the location of their vehicles, monitor their drivers' behavior, and optimize their routes. However, they often experienced problems with weak GPS signal strength, leading to location inaccuracies, missed updates, and wasted fuel costs.


To address this problem, the transportation company decided to install Strike Alpha Cradles in their fleet of vehicles. The Strike Alpha Cradle is a device that securely holds a mobile phone or tablet and enhances the device's GPS signal through an external antenna. By boosting the GPS signal, the cradles allow for more accurate location tracking and better fleet management.


The transportation company purchased and installed Strike Alpha Cradles in each of their vehicles. The cradles were connected to the vehicle's power supply, ensuring that the devices were always charged and ready for use. The cradles were also equipped with external antennas, which were mounted on the roof of each vehicle to ensure maximum signal strength.


After installing the Strike Alpha Cradles, the transportation company saw a significant improvement in their GPS signal accuracy. The vehicles' locations were accurately tracked, and the drivers were able to follow optimized routes, resulting in reduced fuel costs and improved productivity. With improved accuracy and more reliable tracking, the transportation company was better able to monitor their drivers' behavior, such as speeding and idling, leading to improved safety and reduced maintenance costs.


The transportation company's decision to use Strike Alpha Cradles in their fleet of vehicles was a smart investment. By enhancing their GPS signal accuracy, they were able to improve their overall efficiency, reduce fuel costs, and improve driver safety. The Strike Alpha Cradle is an affordable and easy-to-install solution for any company operating vehicles and looking to improve their GPS signal accuracy and fleet management.

Strike Alpha cradles to improve GPS signal accuracy use a different antenna system than regular Alpha cradles. Please email with your needs and one of our team will be in contact.
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