Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Rumours, Leaks, Release Date and More

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Samsung Note Series is one of the most anticipated Android phone releases each year. The Note 20 series is rumoured to be the best Android phone for this year. Samsung doesn’t disappoint with the release of their flagship phones. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20’s rumoured specifications will serve as a tough competition against the iPhone 12’s release.

Galaxy Note 20 Rumored Specifications:

Here’s a comparative table on the Galaxy Note 10 series specifications alongside the rumoured Galaxy Note 20 series, so you’ll know what to expect.

Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy Note 20 Galaxy Note 10 Plus Galaxy Note 20 Plus
Screen Size 6.2 inches
(2280 x 1080)
6.42 inches
(2345 x 1084)
6.7 inches
(3040 x 1440)
6.87 inches
(3096 x 1444)
CPU Snapdragon 855 Snapdragon 865 Plus/Exynos 992 Snapdragon 855 Snapdragon 865 Plus/Exynos 992
RAM 8 GB 8 GB 12 GB 12 GB
Storage 256 GB 128 GB 256 GB 256 or 512GB
Rear Camera 12.0 MP + 16.0 MP + 12.0 MP 12MP main, 64MP telephoto,12MP ultrawide, time-of-flight sensor 12.0 MP + 16.0 MP + 12.0 MP + VGA 108MP main, 13MP telephoto,12MP ultrawide, laser focus sensor
Battery Size
3500 mAh
4,000 mAh - 4,3000 mAh
4300 mAh
4,500 mAh - 5,000 mAh

We have to admit that the Galaxy Note 10 series will be a tough one to beat with its specifications now, but Samsung is dedicated to improving their flagship. What we see for the camera is similar with their Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Galaxy Note 20 Release Date:

Samsung announced its next product launch on August 05, 2020. The Galaxy Unpacked 2020 invitation video did not disclose which devices will be unveiled in the event but we’re hoping the Galaxy Note 20 is included.

Rumours are circulating that the Galaxy Note 20 will headline the Galaxy Unpacked product launch. The following devices might also make an appearance in the event:

  • Galaxy Fold 2
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5G
  • Galaxy Tab S7
  • Galaxy Tab S7+
  • Galaxy Watch 2

However, tweets have surfaced that the release is set on August 21. We’ll just have to keep watch on the two dates for the Note 20 reveal.

Galaxy Note 20 Price

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 starts at $949. For the Galaxy Note 20, we are going to be expecting a higher value. Recent leaks are expecting the Note 20 to be much more expensive than its predecessors. Note 20 is predicted to start at $1,405. Better save up if you want this phone upgrade.

Galaxy Note 20 Upgraded S Pen

The best we see from the S Pen is that it can now act as a pointer. With its laser pointer feature, the S Pen can navigate around your phone and highlight texts and colours easily. It would be a comfortable feature when using the Samsung Dex. We’re hoping this isn’t just a rumour.

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