Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot see my vehicle on the server.  What am I doing wrong?

For you to successfully track your vehicle check that you have completed the following steps:
                1.  Download the App onto your mobile phone
                2.  Create a new user profile and added a vehicle to the account
                3.  Enter a valid credit card - A confirmation email will be sent to confirm you have successfully added a vehicle.
                4.  In Docking Preferences you have entered a "Primary Vehicle" and a "Mobile Device Owner"
                5.  You have turned on 1 of the GPS Tracking Options - "Track device only when docked" or "Track device always" 
                6.  Bluetooth - Activate when docked is set to ON
                7.  Bluetooth and NFC are both switched on.
                8.  Log onto Strike GPS Tracking & enter your email, first name and last name as one word and your password.

What is the difference between GPS Tracking Always On and GPS Tracking when Docked?
NOTE: You may only use 1 of these options to track your mobile device.  

GPS Tracking Always On means that your mobile phone will track the "Primary Vehicle" you have selected and it will track regardless of whether you are in your vehicle or not.  It is effectively a personnel tracker.  

GPS Tracking when Docked means that your phone will only track when your phone is connected to a vehicle's bluetooth.  To configure this properly, add a vehicle to your account and then click "Configure Bluetooth".  Select the Bluetooth device that is in this vehicle.  Strike Alpha then turns on the tracking for this vehicle whenever your phone is connected to this Bluetooth device.  You can setup multiple vehicles each with different Bluetooth devices and Strike Alpha will know which vehicle you are in.  NOTE: Be sure not to have the same Bluetooth device specified for different vehicles.

My phone is using a lot of battery whilst using the GPS Tracking.  What can I do?
Strike's proprietary algorithms ensure that our App is a world leader in battery saving technology.

There are some recommendations to enhance this:

  • In Docking Preferences, change Set Location Update Interval to 120 secs.  
  • Use GPS Tracking when Docked rather than GPS Always On
  • When travelling in your vehicle use a Strike Alpha Cradle to charge your phone and optimise GPS readings.

Will the GPS Tracking work without Internet Connection?
GPS Tracking will continue to track whilst there is no internet connection (either mobile data or WiFi)  It will store coordinates whilst the phone is offline and then push those coordinates to the server when an internet connection is regained.

I don't want the use the Strike Alpha App.  How do I stop it?

There are 2 options.  

Option 1: Go to Settings and turn off NFC.  If you require NFC to remain on, use Option 2.

Option 2: Download the NFC Tasks App and replace the task on the NFC Tag with "Adaptive Brightness".

1. Download Free NFC Tasks app from Google Play.
2. Click "NFC Tools for configure your tasks" at the bottom. 3. Choose "Other" at the upper right corner. 4. Press “Erase Tag”, then place your device inside your Strike Alpha car cradle.

5. Remove it again, then press “Tasks” at the upper right corner. 6. Choose “Add a task”, then go to the Display settings. 7. Set Adaptive Brightness to your preference.

8. Click “OK” at the bottom right corner. 9. Choose “Write/47 Bytes” 10. Place your device in the Strike Alpha car mount.