Strike Alpha Zebra TC51/TC56 Touch Computer Cradle + Desktop Charging Dock

DESKTOP-AL ZBR TC56 NOANT Strike Alpha Cradle + Desktop Charging Dock for Zebra TC51/TC56 Touch Computer now available at Strike! The complete and convenient way to charge your TC51/TC56 while on your desk. Whether you're on your computer, reading, or writing at your desk, you can easily see and access your Zebra TC51/TC56 whilst it charges!

The bundle includes the following:
  • Strike's Desktop Charging Dock
  • Strike Alpha Zebra TC56 Touch Computer Cradle Head
To give our customers excellent value we have bundled the Desktop Charging Dock and the latest Strike Alpha Zebra TC51/TC56 Touch Computer Mount Holder. This TC51/TC56 dock can hold, secure and charge your device. It has superior charging capabilities for your Zebra TC51/TC56.

With the Strike's Desktop Charging Dock modular design, you can easily attach your TC51/TC56 and charge it hassle-free. It also comes with an additional locking system for added device security and anti-theft deterrence.

Strike Alpha Zebra TC51/TC56 Holder + 5-Pack Desktop Charging Dock Bundle is also available. Check it out here

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  • Sturdy and highly flexible design
  • Added safety - It can be charged using 12/24 volt charging with voltage spike protection.
  • 3-year unlimited KM warranty.
  • Patented design for Strike.
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    Value Pack contains:

    Zebra TC56 Touch Computer Cradle Head
    Strike Desktop Charging Dock
  • 1 x front base
  • 1 x back base
  • 1 x dock
  • 3m dots