THB Bury System 8 Apple iPhone X, XS & 11 Pro Cradle

$255.00 (Incl. GST) ACC-THB APP IPX

THB Apple iPhone X, XS & 11 Pro TAKE & TALK Cradle to suit System 8 Car kits. Supports the Charging Function of the iPhone X, XS & 11 Pro.

Bury System 8 iPhone X, XS & 11 Pro cradle is now available at Strike! Get the combined flexibility of the UNI System 8 with all the advantages of Bluetooth technology. THB Bury System 8 iPhone X, XS & 11 Pro holder has a full charging feature to power your phone whilst travelling and an inductive/passive antenna that gives you the maximum signal strength. 

This Bury System 8 cradle is compatible with iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro.

THB system 8 was the first car kit to feature interchangeable cradles and boasts a large range of cradles for many different makes and models of phones. All THB cradles power and charge the phone and provide all the features you would expect of a genuine car kit including Auto Muting and Audio Integration (vehicle permitting).

THB universal car kit gives you the convenience to interchange the cradle for your handset when you have more than one mobile phone at the fraction of the cost of installing another car kit.