RAM® Triple Ball and Socket Magnetic Base with Ball (RAP-B-365-1-339U)

$214.01 (Incl. GST) RAP-B-365-1-339U

The RAP-B-365-1-339U is made up of a 1" ball connected to a triple magnetic adapter system, with each adapter connected by its own 1" ball and socket joint. Each magnetic base contains three rare-earth magnets (nine total) which lock up securely against any steel or ferromagnetic surface. The soft composite coating on the magnetic adapters prevent scratching or scuffing of the surface you are attaching to.

  • Hardware Included: Assembly Hardware
  • Suction Size: (3) 3.3" Diameter Bases, Total Width 7.95"
  • Ball/Socket Size: B Size (1")
  • Weight Capacity: 2 lbs
  • Materials: Marine-grade aluminum, High strength composite
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    Contains 1 x RAM® Triple Ball and Socket Magnetic Base with Ball (RAP-B-365-1-339U)