ZTE, Sierra Wireless and Telstra Dual Output Patch Lead

$39.95 (Including GST) ACC-ROC 790

This Dual Output Patch Lead from Strike is specifically designed for ZTE, Sierra Wireless and Telstra. It allows you to connect your mobile phone and wireless modems to an external antenna. It can be used for various models with the ability to accept two patch lead inputs.

All our patch leads are fitted with a male FME connector allowing you to universally plug it into all of our mobile phone antennas.

This patch lead is compatible with the following models:
  • QUALCOMM: Aircard 753s Aircard 312U
  • SIERRA WIRELESS: AC320U AC753s Air Card 313U Aircard 312U Aircard 760S Telstra USB 4G (320U) Ultimate Aircard 753s USB 313U USB312U
  • TELSTRA: AC320U AC753s AC760S (4G) Air Card 313U Aircard 312U Ultimate Aircard 320U Aircard AC753s MF821 Mobile Wi-Fi 4G
    QUALCOMM: Aircard 312U Sierra AC760S Sierra Aircard 312U Sierra Wireless AC320U sierra wireless AC753s Ultimate AC753s USB 313U USB 320U USB 4G (320U) USB 4G (MF821)
  • ZTE: MF821 USB 4G (MF821)