Rocket ZTE Tough 2 T54,T90,256 TLS:T6,T7,T8,T203,F165i, T85 Patch Lead for Connection to Antenna

$29.95 (Incl. GST) ACC-ROC 8951c

This antenna patch cable allows you to connect a mobile phone or data device to an external antenna for improved network reception. One end of the patch lead adapter cable connects to the phone via a port in the rear or a cradle, and the other end connects to the external antenna.

All our patch leads are fitted with a male FME connector allowing you to universally plug it into all of our mobile phone antennas.

This patch lead is compatible with the following models:
  • Telstra ZTE T106, Telstra F150 F151, Telstra F152, Telstra F156, Telstra F165, Telstra ZTE T165i (F165i), Telstra F252, Telstra F256, Telstra F850, Telstra F851, Telstra T7-Easy Touch Discovery, Telstra T2-Easy Touch Discovery 2, Telstra ZTE T6, Telstra ZTE T90, Telstra Tough 2 (T54), Telstra ZTE Explorer (T165+), Telstra T84 Tough Max, Telstra Tough Max 2 (ZTE T85)

Patch lead