Strike 7" Tough LCD Monitor

$379.00 (Incl. GST) CAM-STK Monitor 7 TQ

Introducing the Strike 7" Tough Digital Monitor.

This digital colour LCD quad monitor comes with wide view angle and high resolution display, for the perfect, clear picture. The Strike 7" Monitor allows you to set up the priority of quad picture and with trigger wire for dual picture, the relative cameras can be combined optionally. This makes the Strike 7" Monitor applicable to both indoor / outdoor security systems and vehicle rear view systems.

Reversing can be a difficult manoeuvre for motorists to perform. The rear vision is often limited by the vehicle structure and other visual obstructions that often make the task all that more difficult, but you no longer need to worry.

Comes with an industry leading three year warranty.

  • Single, dual , triple , quad image and PIP functions available
  • Power output from the monitor being 4X300mA
  • 1 DVD/AV input and 4 camera inputs; camera title can be set: (maximum 8 characters)
  • The display effect, volume and mirror function for each camera can be separately set up
  • Camera's name can be set up: 8 characters the longest
  • The boot-strap display can be set as your perfect display mode
  • Four trigger wires for cameras
  • Once a trigger wire is activated, image automatically switches to its relative camera
  • Auto scanning and timed image switch
  • Image of monitor auto switches to the working channel
  • Operates from 10~32V
  • Backup distance grid & left / right-turning indicator arrow available
  • LCD size: 7"
  • Backlighting: LED
  • TV System: NTSC / PAL
  • Resolution: 800 x 3 (RGB) x 480
  • Brightness: 400 cd/㎡
  • Contrast: 500:1
  • Viewing angle: U: 50 / D: 60, R/L: 70
  • Operating temperature: -10~+65ºC, RH 90%
  • Storage temperature: -30~+80ºC, RH 90%
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Power consumption: Max. 25W
  • Power inputs: DC 10~32 V
  • Power for cameras: Max. 4×300mA, 12V
  • Video inputs: 4 camera video inputs (peak value: 1Vp-p, impedance: 75 ohm)
    1 DVD input (peak value: 1Vp-p, impedance: 75 ohm)
  • Audio inputs: 4 camera audio inputs (peak value: 1Vp-p, impedance: 4700 ohm)
    1 DVD input (peak value: 1Vp-p, impedance: 4700 ohm)
  • Video outputs: 1 REC video output (peak value: 1Vp-p, impedance: 75 ohm)
    1 LIVE video output (peak value: 1Vp-p, impedance: 75 ohm)
  • Audio outputs: 1 REC audio output (peak value: 1Vp-p, impedance: 4700 ohm)
  • Anti-vibration: 2.8 g (Center mount bracket) / 7 g (U-support bracket)
  • All your questions can be answered by visiting the support section of this website or by calling 1300 792 044 to speak to one of our friendly support staff.
  • 1 x Center mount bracket
  • 1 x U-support bracket
  • 1 x IR remote control
  • 1 x AV and power supply conversion cable
  • 1 x Front panel AV input adapter
  • 4 x Angle adjustment screws
  • 1 x Sun shield
  • 1 x User Manual