Strike 5" Tough LCD Monitor

$269.00 (Incl. GST) CAM-STK Monitor 5 Tough

Introducing the Strike 5" Tough Digital Monitor.

This TFT LCD monitor comes with wide view angle and high resolution display, for the perfect, clear picture. The Strike 5" Monitor is picture image adjustable for horizontal, vertical, mirror and normal viewings and has an easy-to-use menu navigation interface.

Reversing can be a difficult manoeuvre for motorists to perform. The rear vision is often limited by the vehicle structure and other visual obstructions that often make the task all that more difficult, but you no longer need to worry.

Comes with an industry leading three year warranty.

  • 8 languages selectable for user operation
  • Automatic backlighting for buttons
  • Full-function remote control
  • Multiple video formats available: AUTO/ PAL/ NTSC
  • Up to 3 AV inputs
  • On-board speaker
  • Operates from 10 - 32V. Supports 12V or 24V automobile battery
  • Automatically switches to back-up, left or right side camera views
  • OSD keeps normal image even if it is mirror image in horizontal
  • All your questions can be answered by visiting the support section of this website or by calling 1300 792 044 to speak to one of our friendly support staff.