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Q: When viewing the Strike GPS Tracking Interface my vehicle information hasn't updated. Why is that?

  • Click the ‘refresh' button to update the vehicle’s location and details in the activity log section.
  • Your vehicle could be out of coverage. This can happen if your vehicle is in an underground car park, tunnel or in a location where there is no coverage.
  • If all the vehicles in the fleet have not updated there could be an issue with your telecommunications provider. Contact your dealer for further information.

    Q: I queried a vehicle and haven't had a response. What is the problem?

  • Your vehicle may be out of coverage and hence the last known position will be shown. When the vehicle comes back into coverage, you will receive all updates.
  • The vehicle’s ignition has been off for some time, therefore no power is available for the Tracking Device to receive or send location details.

    Q: Why does the message "Logon failed for xxx: Unknown user or password" appear when I try to log on to the Strike GPS Tracking Interface?

  • Your username or password may be entered incorrectly. Check that you have the correct username and password - remember they are case sensitive. Contact your dealer if you need assistance.

    Q: The Strike GPS Tracking Interface has stopped responding

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    7. How to Create Rules or Edit Existing

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