GPS Tracking – Case Studies

Below are some Case Studies on how the Strike GPS Tracking device has helped various businesses.

Boral knew some employees were using their trucks outside of work hours but couldn't prove it. They used the Strike Tracking software to create a rule that if any vehicle was powered on after working hours, it would enter a log in the system. Since installing Strike Tracking, the use of vehicles outside work hours was reduced dramatically, as was highlighted by fuel cost savings of up to 12% and less vehicle wear and tear.

Vehicle Tracking Case Study

One benefit of the Strike Tracking solution is greater visibility into a fleet through real time access to information and accurate reporting. A parituclar customer owns a mining fleet and has pre-set rules established to allow each driver 15 minutes of idling time - if drivers idle for more than 15 minutes they are shown on the report with their idling instances, reducing engine idle time from 20% to 10% will equate to a significant saving of around $50/vehicle/month .

Fleet Tracking Case Study

Government transport companies use over-speed reports as an education tool in driver training to highlight dangerous patterns as well as a ‘replay a day’ report which shows exactly where their vehicles go; from the time it is picked up to the time is back to home base. This particular feature is ideal for reviewing any issues that have occurred on any given day, particularly anything that arises outside of general business hours. In addition, transport companies and larger fleets alike use a ‘stationary alert’, which sends an email to head office if a driver is onsite for more than one hour, which helps to better the productivity by 2.2%, saving an estimated $102/vehicle/month .

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Car Tracking Case Study