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Breakthrough App slashes the cost of GPS fleet tracking! 

Until now, tracking your mobile workforce has been expensive. This is because it requires specialised hardware and software and technicians to install and configure it so it all works. It costs approximately $3,000 over 3 years to track a vehicle but there has to be a better way! 

Breakthrough Mobile App reduces GPS Tracking cost to just $330 / vehicle over 3 years! 

Technology company Strike has developed a mobile app for Android phones, that uses your drivers’ smartphones to track drivers and vehicles removing the need for redundant GPS tracking hardware to be separately installed in your fleet and thus saving you money. 

It’s true; GPS Tracking using a smartphone is nothing new. What is unique about Strike’s solution is that once installed, it turns itself on and off automatically when needed thereby saving phone battery life. The solution also includes a Strike Alpha Car Cradle to mount the phone in your vehicle fleet providing extended battery life, signal boosting & compliance with mobile phone driving laws. 

And what's more, you can be up and going in just 4 minutes and 15 secs!

Know where your workforce is, when they arrived, when they left and how they got there! 

Get all the standard reports that you would expect to get out of a GPS tracking system such as trip reporting, time at a job site, journey history, vehicle location & speed. Make your workforce more productive, save on vehicle fuel and maintenance costs and increase the profitability of your business immediately. 

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