Nokia Car Phone Holders

Avoid fines and drive safely with Strike’s Nokia car phone mounts. Our Nokia phone holders are equipped with features to provide a comfortable drive; fast-charging, data pass-through connection, and signal boosting. You can dock and charge your Nokia device whilst on long drives to last the day. No need to worry about unstable phone calls once the Nokia car phone cradle is connected with an external antenna – suitable for vehicle use whilst on the road or home setup.

These Nokia mobile phone holders work with any Bluetooth car kits with its data pass-through connection. You can also connect your device to an entertainment system with this feature. Check out our Strike Nokia XR20, Lumia 1020, Lumia 930, Lumia 520 car phone holders below.

Nokia XR20 Car Cradles

Nokia Lumia 1020 Car Cradle

Nokia Lumia 930 Car Cradle

Nokia Lumia 520 Car Cradle

Nokia T20 Car Cradles