Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 Holders

Introducing the Samsung Xcover 4 device holders and mounts from Strike! These new Strike Alpha Samsung Xcover 4 are available for international shipping to countries like Germany, France, United Kingdom, and the United States. Experience the enhanced and phone boosting features of our latest Samsung Galaxy X cover 4 Car mounts.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 Car Cradle

  • Strike Alpha Car Phone Holder for Samsung Xcover 4
  • Fast charging Samsung Xcover 4 mount
  • Professionally installed version
  • With pass through & antenna connection for signal boosting
$149.00 (Incl. GST)

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 Car Cradle DIY

  • Strike Alpha Car Phone Holder for Samsung Xcover 4
  • Fast & secure charging mount
  • Easy Do-It-Yourself installation
  • With pass through & antenna connection for signal boosting
$149.00 (Incl. GST)

On this page is our newest range of phone holders that are designed specifically to suit the rugged design of the Samsung Galaxy X cover 4. These Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 smartphones are designed for European consumers who enjoy working and playing outdoors. The Xcover 4 is military-grade (MIL-STD-810G certified) and has IP68 certification – meaning your phone is capable of withstanding water for up to 1.5 meters for over 30 minutes! It is dustproof, waterproof, humidity-proof, shock-resistant – extremely suited for an outdoor environment or adventure. Plus, it’s got a 13MP back facing camera with a 5MP ‘selfie’ camera. So whether you’re an avid traveler or whether you’re a construction worker this device is perfect for you. Xcover 4 is smaller than a tablet, fits in your pocket, and its compact design allows for an amazing outdoor setup. It is designed for heavy duty work conditions – sometimes even tougher work conditions than your phone can withstand by itself. Therefore, our Xcover 4 heavy-duty enterprise-grade car mounts are here to help you in the toughest and the most extreme of times.

Our new and improved Strike Alpha Samsung X cover 4 Holder Mount is the perfect solution for your active everyday needs. The installation process is extremely easy. There’s an option between professional installed version or DIY (do-it-yourself) version. Simply mount it to your car’s windshield and you will be able to protect, charge, and secure your phone as you drive.

No need to worry about battery drain whilst on the road. Once docked onto Samsung X cover 4 mobile phone holder, your phone will begin charging (under maximum load, 1% gain every three minutes). See our Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 car mount power road test here. The high amp output, automotive grade power solution is essential for using Samsung Xcover 4 under full enterprise power load. Our mobile phone holders have superior charging - the PRO version comes with a built-in 3-amp charger, and our DIY version comes with a 2.4-amp charger. Watch Strike's Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 phone holder charging test below:

Strike’s own electrical engineers has utilised advanced technology to design the cradles’ DC / DC converter to OEM Automotive manufacturing standards. With voltage spike protection, and no EMI Electromagnetic Interference, our Strike Alpha Cradles are very safe and convenient to use.

The Strike Alpha car cradle comes with a separately packed NFC chip, so you have the option whether to install it on the cradle or not. This NFC chip complements the NFC feature of the device, which enables the device to launch our Strike Alpha app once docked. As well as that, you can now use enterprise specific applications (or mobile apps) for many things such as monitoring important tasks or tracking the location of your employees with your company GPS.

Strike Alpha car cradle for X cover 4 has been built with an internal passive antenna, it is specifically incorporated to improve your mobile signal. The internal antenna can boost your phone signal simply by attaching the FME male connector to a reputable external antenna. Check out our Strike Antennas here.

Our cradles are made from high quality materials and are crash-tested (able to withstand up to 25 g). Each of our Xcover 4 cradles has a 3-year warranty and complies with Australian road rules. These Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 phone holders will make the perfect companions for not only you, but your devices, your outdoor experiences, and your work. Mount your new Xcover 4 on a Strike Alpha Cradle and pass your time more efficiently today!

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