CollectionUniversal Phone & Tablet Holders for your Home

Finding the best mount for your device can be difficult. The Strike Universal Phone and Tablet Holders provide a quick solution for your mounting problems. It's easy to set up and places your device at a comfortable viewing angle while you multitask at home. You can install the DIY Strike Alpha Universal Mobile Phone Holders at any location of your home. The suction mount included only sticks to a surface that can be sealed like glass or a smooth countertop. If the seal is not available, use the disc shown in the video.

The Strike Universal Phone and Tablet Holder can also be rotated 360°, supporting both landscape and portrait orientations. These Strike Universal Cradles are designed to give you the perfect viewing position for your phones and tablets while you work, stream, or read e-books. You can place it by your kitchen counter-top as you go along your recipes or by your study area as you check your notifications whilst working from home.

Additionally, these phone cradles have fast charging capabilities, so you won't have to worry about battery drain. These Universal Phone Mounts from Strike are perfect for use at home whilst you watch movies, browse online, play your favourite games and use various mobile applications or use this phone holder for bed. This way you won't have sore arms from holding your mobile device for too long. Browse our selection and choose the best mobile phone cradle for your needs!