How to Mount and Install Trailer Buddy Camera System

Driving a big vehicle is difficult, especially if you’re blind from the back. One wrong move could cost you a dent or major damage to your vehicle. As much as possible, we try to keep our vehicles safe from damage to avoid costly repairs.

Because of technology, most cars are now manufactured with a reversing camera to help in backing up your vehicle. If your car doesn’t have a reversing camera, that’s okay! There are many cost-efficient cameras available on the market.

If you need a camera to help mount and install a trailer to your vehicle, Strike has the backing up camera for you. Reverse with ease with Strike’s trusty and high-quality trailer buddy camera system.

Strike’s Trailer Reversing Camera System includes a 4K camera that easily connects to a mobile phone app which can be downloaded for free from your app store. The trailer buddy reverse camera system is easy to set up and install!

One of its key features include being a multipurpose reverse and backup support system. Since the camera is detachable, you can easily connect it to your boats, vehicles, caravans, and more! Hook trailers, tradies, boats, and more to your vehicle safely and conveniently.

The trailer buddy reversing system’s camera is also made with a strong magnetic grip and adjustable arm. It provides a strong hold on the back of your vehicle and is easily adjustable to ensure you have the best reversing angle in hooking your trailer hitch!

Additionally, it’s portable and compact making it easy for you to store. It isn’t bulky and can be easily tucked away in your vehicle’s compartments.

Check out this video to learn more about how to mount and install the trailer buddy reverse camera system!

For more information on Strike’s trailer buddy reverse camera, please email us at [email protected]. Check out Strike’s wide range of reversing cameras and sensors here.
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