How To Easily Hook Up a Trailer Hitch

Hooking up a trailer can be a challenge for people who wants a trailer to their vehicle to increase storage or to transport a boat, camper, and other recreational vehicles. Attaching the hitch would be easier when you have something to guide you whilst you back up the driveway until the trailer hitch is above the hitch ball.

Strike has designed a trailer reversing camera system to watch your vehicle as you back up to have your hitch aligned to the ball. Here’s a guide to easily hook up a trailer hitch with Strike’s trailer buddy!

  1. Install Strike’s trailer reverse camera and test the app before hooking up your trailer hitch. Once the app is installed and ready for use, you can easily mount the trailer buddy with its magnetic feature.
  2. Ensure that you’re hooking up your trailer in a spacious and accessible area. It would be better to reverse and position your vehicle when you have more space to move in.
  3. Level the trailer’s hitch several inches higher than the ball hitch. It would make it easier for you to attach both as you reverse.
  4. Make sure that your vehicle is aligned with the trailer to make the reversing process easier.
  5. Use the camera app whilst you reverse to easily see if you’re backing up too much, and when the trailer hitch and ball hitch are aligned.
  6. Once both hitches are aligned, you can proceed with locking the hitches.

Why should you use Strike’s trailer reverse camera?

 Using Strike’s reversing camera system prevents damages to your vehicle like dents and holes on your bumpers. It’s easy to install and comes with a trailer reversing app you can download. You can watch your hitch alignment quickly from your smartphone.
Here are some of its key features:
  • Keeps you and your vehicle safe from damages acquired from reversing.
  • Aligns your vehicle easily without heavy lifting and dragging. When doing this alone, it also reduces the trial and error you usually do from reversing without someone to guide you from behind.
  • Magnetic feature that allows you to mount the camera system on any vehicle or trailer.
  • Adjustable - You can adjust the arm to a comfortable viewing angle.

For more inquiries on the installation and product features, email us at [email protected].

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