Smoothtalker Car Cradles

 Important Notice Regarding Smoothalker Cradles

Strike no longer sells Smoothtalker Cradles. The reasons are 2 fold.
1. Strike now sells a better performing product, the Strike Alpha. Recent independent tests verify that the Strike Alpha iPhone 5 Cradle exceeded the RF performance of the Smoothtalker iPhone 5 cradle. Customers should not sell an inferior performing product.

2. As of the date of this notice, 01/07/2014, the manufacturer of Smothtalker Cradles has so far failed to warrant their products for the past 3-6 Months. They have so far abandoned their customer base. Should this change, we will update this page.

Note the Strike Group Australia stands by all products it sells and we are now forced to fund warranty returns for Smoothtalker products. These will be warranted with Strike Alpha Cradles. Legal action has commenced against the manufacture of Smoothtalker and associated directors.

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