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Outrage over strategy to ban mobile phones while driving

BRISBANE, 21 February 2011 – With over a decade of experience in the communications and motoring industry, Strike CEO Chris Ryan believes the main issue about mobile phones and driving is people don’t understand what “hands-free” is. According to Ryan “industry research indicated most motorists believe holding their mobile whilst driving on speaker phone is ‘hands free’, which is both illegal and dangerous”.

Strike argues that we need to be able to communicate to each other via mobile phones almost all the time for family and business reasons. For example, it is impractical to think that a delivery driver for example would have the time to pull over and retrieve voicemails throughout the day.

“What we really need is a public awareness campaign about the proper and safe use of mobile phones whilst driving, which means using an approved mounted hands-free kit,” Mr Ryan said.

“If banning mobile phones is something that seriously is being considered, then banning the radio, passengers and kids might just be next. We need to be realistic and educate people that you can use mobile phones safely, with a Bluetooth device, which is legal in Australia,” Chris Ryan said.

Strike provides a wide range of safety approved legal mobile phone accessories and devices that can be used safely whilst driving, to find out more please visit the Strike website,

Fast Facts

  • The use of a mobile whilst driving increases the risk of a possible crash by up to 4 times.
  • Talking on a mobile phone whilst driving can make a young driver’s reaction time as slow as that of a 70 yr old and two in three young Australians admit to not using a legalised car kit.
  • Drivers admit that texting and illegally talking on their mobile is one of their top distractions. Fact: The most common recorded crashes were of the run-off-the-road and rear-end variety.
  • Last year, an NRMA survey found that 65% of drivers admitted using their phones illegally.


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