August 2009 Strike Young Guns Program

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Strike Group Australia Media Release - The Bullet to Success

BRISBANE, August 2009 – Giving employees a kick start in their career is an initiative that Strike Group Australia has incorporated into its human resources strategy from the word go.

One of the country’s leading telecommunications and car accessories providers, Priding itself on its impeccable work culture, Strike Group Australia founded the Young Guns program, which gives hard working, success hungry youngsters the opportunity to shine.

Strike Group’s “Young Guns Program” is different to your usual work experience and internship placement, as program candidates are placed on the employee payroll, giving them that extra incentive to achieve. Offering youngsters a foot in the door, whilst providing them with financial rewards has proved to be a successful part of Strike’s business model. With loyalty and employee retention often a struggle with Generation Y, Strike Group has implemented a strategy where everyone wins.

Ben Travers, a 21-year-old footballer from Brisbane is a recent example of how successful Strike Group’s Young Guns program has been. Ben started with the Strike Group as a casual staff member in one of the Strike Group’s warehouses, and by demonstrating his hard work ethic he was soon offered an opportunity in the Young Guns program and is now apart of the Strike Group Australia’s Domestic Sales team.

By dealing with some of Strike’s major clients, Ben has gained experience across all facets of the business. From the warehouse to general operations, and accounting the Young Guns Program gave him the ammunition to succeed on every level.

Not only has Ben gained priceless on-the-job experience but he has also completed a Certificate III in Business Administration at TAFE all paid for by Strike Group.

In today’s society having an education and practical experience is imperative to ensure that employers and employees are continually learning and adapting skills to remain one step ahead of evolving trends and competition.

“Strike has given me such a fantastic opportunity and they’re a great company to work for. Each day I learn something new and I’m supported by a team of professionals,” he said.

Chris Ryan, Strike CEO set up the Young Guns Program to not only find dedicated staff with a passion for the industry but to help young individuals who want a sound stepping stone into the real working world and especially the telecommunications and car accessories industry.

“We could see that there was a lot of potential in Ben and we were able to provide him with not only on the job training, but professional industry related study to assist him with his aspirations.”

Ben said that more companies should be like Strike Group Australia and offer people a chance to prove themselves.

“Everyday I work with respected industry brands like Parrot and Cardo which is experience I wouldn’t get at every employer in the industry. “Being apart of such a great team, it’s rewarding seeing the Strike brand flourish and having your ideas and opinions respected is really refreshing,” Ben said.

The determined young man said he couldn’t have done it without the support from Strike Group management.

“Every employee at Strike is very lucky to be working in such a positive and productive working environment. If there is ever a problem, we have procedures and systems in place to address the issue and the extra support or advice you might need is always on hand,” he said.

For more information on the successful Young Guns Program and how it can benefit other employees and organisations, phone the friendly team on 1300 792 044 or for a company profile, visit Strike Group Australia’s website at

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