August 1, 2016 - Use the Strike Alpha Car Cradle as a Dashcam

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Use the Strike Alpha Car Cradle as a Dashcam

BRISBANE, August 1, 2016 - Over the recent years, dashboard cameras or dashcams are gaining popularity among Australian drivers for their benefits in safety, insurance, and litigation. In cases of reckless driving and accidents involving drivers with dashcams, police have deemed the recorded footage reliable.

According to research conducted by Craig Lynch, a motor vehicle accident lawyer from Slater and Gordon, 57 per cent of Australians backed the use of dashcams with 16 percent already using them and 41 percent saying they don't have one but want one.

Brisbane-based hands-free tech company, Strike Group, has developed a means to make dashcams even more accessible: by turning your smartphone into a dashcam with a Strike Alpha Cradle and a free app like the AutoGuard Dash Cam.

The Strike Alpha Car Cradle is a safe, legal, and cost-saving alternative to stand-alone dashcam kit. Simply download a dashcam app, dock the phone onto the car cradle, and start driving.

Strike Alpha Cradles are extremely versatile; designed to secure your phone, boost your phone signal, and charge your phone while you drive. With up to a 2.4 Amp output, you can record your driving, speed, location, and charge your phone simultaneously. Storage is not a problem as your phone will overwrite old footage when the time is right.

''For industries, dashcams can keep track and monitor employees' driving habits. You can set the associated app can to automatically start and stop recording at the right time. It can also show the map information and video on one screen. Additionally, you can set your in-app preferences to automatically call someone in the event of an accident.''

''Strike values the importance of road safety, and is continually developing new and innovative ways to help drivers,'' says Chris Ryan, CEO of Strike Group.''

''Using the phone you already own with the Strike Alpha Car Cradle will replace the need for additional dashcam hardware. Thus, this smarter solution can maximise the use of your phone with better dashcam features at a lesser cost.''

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