Strike HD Mounts Range for Sonim


Introducing the Sonim Mounting Solution from Strike! These Sonim Mounts help secure your Sonim XP6, XP7, XP8, XP5s in your warehouses, workshops, and vehicles. With these Strike mounts’ limitless viewing options, you can adjust your viewing angle depending on your needs. They are flexible & versatile. They can also be mounted on various surfaces & wide range of vehicle types. Strike HD Mounts for Sonim were built with enterprise grade quality, to withstand tough working conditions.

Strike HD Mounts can complement the Sonim XP6, XP7, XP8, XP5s’ rugged and Push to Talk features. Sonim smartphones boasts as some of the world’s toughest smartphones that can withstand extremely tough environment. These Sonim handsets ensure that they meet the standards for public safety with its guaranteed instant, reliable and secure connection and communication for workers in hazardous and isolated places during emergency and mission critical situations. Strike Group develops phone holders that seamlessly transform mobile device into a walkie-talkie via PTToC (Push-To-Talk-Over-Cellular) technology.

These mounts are made with premium heavy-duty materials, suitable for vehicles in tough working conditions. Strike HD Mounts are designed for rugged devices, such as the Sonim XP6, XP7, XP8, XP5s. This is the perfect solution for your mounting and push to talk needs.

To get an idea on how the push to talk feature works, check out our demonstration video of the push to talk car cradle for Samsung A5 here.

For Enterprise customers, email [email protected] to discuss quantity pricing.