Which Car Phone Mount Should You Buy?

Been wanting to mount your device but you’re not sure which one to buy? Some factors to consider when buying a car mount are your device, your car’s interior, and how you’ll be using your device.

Using a car phone mount can keep your device securely mounted and enhance your driving experience by keeping you hands-free. Navigating on the road and making phone calls are made easier. Your device’s apps are also more accessible as you drive without breaking any road laws.

Strike has specifically designed car phone mounts to suit Strike Alpha car cradles to securely hold your device and give you the best mounting solution. Strike has 4 different car phone mounts available! Read on below to know more about each one.

Strike TR Windscreen Mount

The Strike TR Windscreen Mount is made specifically for your vehicle windscreen. This mount keeps your device vibration-free while driving. It has a suction mount that can be attached to any flat and smooth surface. The Strike TR Windscreen Mount can rotate 360° to give you the best viewing capacity and its position can be fixed with set screws.

Using a windscreen car phone mount is a popular option amongst motorists since its mounting position allows you to glance at your device with ease.

Strike TR Console Mount

The Strike TR Console Mount is a suitable mount for heavy devices. If you’re the type of driver that wants your dashboard and windscreen clear from any obstruction, the Strike Console Mount is a handy option for you.

With the console mount, your device is placed conveniently at the side of your center console. You can modify its adjustment and position with set screws.

Strike TR Vent Mount

Vent mounts are a frequent go-to option when it comes to car phone mounts. Vent car phone mounts are easy to clip on and detach whenever needed. You can adjust your device based on your preference for the best viewing capacity with the Strike TR Vent Mount since you can just swivel it to your preferred direction.

However, also consider the factor that this might place your device at an overheating risk if you’re using your car’s fan heater. Using vent car phone mounts can also block your AC while driving. But in the end, it’s one of the most convenient options for car phone mounts.

Strike TR Swivel Mount

The Strike TR Swivel Mount is mounted with screws and are adjustable by 45°. This swivel mount will bring you back to basics. It’s the perfect mount to place your device at a comfortable reach when mounted on your car dashboard.

Pair your Strike car mount with Strike Alpha phone cradles to have your device securely mounted while on the road. Check out Strike’s powerful line of fast charging phone cradles here!

About Strike Group

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