Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors : What to expect for the upcoming S7?

Samsung, the biggest producer of smartphones will be releasing its new flagship model very soon! Rumors say that it will be announced alongside Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday, February 21 2016. Now, we’ve list down S7’s rumored specifications, including its processor, design, and full capabilities.

Processor For the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7, we are looking for the latest Snapdragon 820 or even an upgraded Exynos

One of the websites, SamMobile reported that Samsung is planning to use three different chips for the S7. Rumors suggest that it will use its own Exynos 7422 chip that is originally intended for the Galaxy Note 6.

photo credit : android authority

Samsung also showed trailers and teasers that featured their Gear VR platform fully compatible with their Samsung S7. This suggests that Samsung might incorporate their phone with their virtual reality device. The tagline for the video is “Get ready to rethink what a phone can do” which can be found here As for its memory capabilities, Samsung will likely maintain their 16/32/64/ and 128 gig with 3-4gig RAM. Apparently, there’s also the thing about micro SD which allows users to extend their memory to save more movies, videos, images and install more apps so we’re really hyped to know more about it.


Samsung will likely retain the S6 design on their new handheld device. However, it might have a bigger screen 5.1 inches for S7/ S7 Edge compared to S6 which has 5.65 x 2.87 x 0.27 in dimensions.

Additionally, it will likely be a little lighter compared to S6 which is 138g. There’s also the thing about having a metal body casing with a gorilla glass on its back to maintain its durability and higher drop-resistance over other smartphones.

In addition to their fingerprint sensor, it’s also highly possible that Samsung will adapt the force-touch technology which is a pressure sensitive tech that measures how soft or how hard you press your screen. This will give users more option to interact and to use their mobile devices efficiently.


Samsung is known to have the best cameras out there in the market! It is visible on their Note 5 and S6 Series giving users stunning images that resembles DSLR pictures. The resolution will be probably stay the same or can be lesser with 12 megapixels. This is because Samsung might start focusing on the quality of the pixels itself just like what Apple did with their iPhone 6 devices. If this is true, then it can greatly enhance the quality of pictures specifically in low-light environment which is Samsung is known for. 

It is also possible that they’ll stick with 16MPs camera with 4k HD resolution for videos. 

The slight bulge on Samsung’s camera will be less visible or might be flatten out completely as this is obviously quite annoying especially when you’re placing your cam on flat surfaces. 

As for the cameras, Antutu predicted that Samsung will use a 5-megapixels front cam, while the rear camera is predicted to have a 12 MP. However, we all know how Samsung loves to surprise us. For this reason, Samsung might use an 8 MP front cam and a relatively higher resolution for its rear cam. 

According to SUPERSAF Samsung might use 2500-3000 mAh non-removable battery. While this is possible, I reckon that Samsung will improve its battery life since it is one of the major issues Samsung S6 currently has.

Another thing worth mentioning is Samsung’s fast charging capabilities which can fully charge your device in less than an hour in most instances..

Another rumor is that Samsung might use a USB-C cord which is now visible with other smartphones like HTC, LG etc.

Screen Resolution 

Samsung has probably the best screen resolution of all the smartphone handsets out there. For this reason, it is likely that that they will retain 2560 x 1440 pixels screen resolution.

However, there are some rumors that says that Samsung might adopt a 4k Ultra-HD Screen for their Samsung Galaxy S6. Having said that, it might be safe to assume that Samsung’s going all out for their new handheld device.

It’s only a matter of time until Samsung finally unveils its newest flagship products and many of us can’t wait to see them in action. So until then, just take all of the rumors with a grain of salt as things can be changed pretty quickly. Until then, it is best to just wait and see Samsung’s final output.