What is GPS Tracking – how can your fleet benefit?

GPS tracking is an exciting and useful innovation that tracks the location of vehicles. This technology is useful for companies that have vehicle fleets in order to ensure efficiency and that company vehicles are being used for the correct purpose.

When company vehicles are used for personal purposes and outside of business hours, this is obviously detrimental to the respective company’s finances as fuel and running costs are unnecessarily increased. GPS tracking is ultimately an investment for fleet companies and if used consistently and correctly, will save companies money in the long-run.

At Strike, we also believe that GPS tracking increases productivity as it has the capacity to decrease travel time and costs to a business through the use of the tracking with its report functions.Smartphones play an integral role in businesses as they have the ability to store and share files, to send emails, to engage in face-to-face calls and much more. So what if you could use your smart phone for GPS tracking?

Strike’s innovative GPS Fleet Tracking Smartphone App works for Android Phones and can save fleet companies about $2000 per vehicle. This sizeable amount of money is saved because simply using a Smartphone for GPS tracking takes out the necessity for installation, additional GPS tracking hardware, and sim cards. Smartphones that use GPS drain battery but this is easily solved with Strike’s Smartphone Cradles which will charge the phone when it is using the GPS tracking function.

No matter what device you choose to use, GPS tracking in fleets will ultimately benefit the productivity, finances, and efficiency of your business. You’ll be at ease with knowing that your fleet vehicles are being used for the right purpose.