Smartphone Battle - Apple iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

Modern technology has introduced a huge variety of smartphones on the market in recent years. Whilst each brand has different and unique features to offer, the two most popular brands are undoubtedly Samsung and Apple. These companies are on a constant quest to outdo each other in this highly-competitive market.

Samsung’s latest creation, the Samsung Galaxy s5, has been well-received. Although exact figures are yet to be revealed, Samsung CCO J.K Shin has said that it has had considerably more sales than the Samsung Galaxy s4.

This smartphone has ground-breaking features such as water resistance, ultra power saving mode and a heart rate monitor. Water resistance is quite a highly sought after feature which has possibly contributed to the substantial amount of sales since the phone was released in April.

Apple are constantly developing and expanding upon their world-famous iPhone. The first iPhone was released in 2007 and six models have been released since then. Advancements have included a more slimline design, fingerprint identification technology, the ability to switch between screens with a double-tap of the home button and voice control. The iPhone has a loyal following in Australia and for many users there’s a “once an Apple user, always an Apple user” mentality. Diehard fans wait with great anticipation for the latest model to be produced. The smartphone market is about to receive yet another game-changing device, with the imminent release of the iPhone 6.

Whilst the newest features are a lot of speculation and nothing confirmed yet, the iPhone 6 will be sure to impress faithful Apple fans. It is rumoured that the latest model will be released in September. The latest iPhone models are renowned for their sleek and slimline design and if the rumours are true, the iPhone 6 will be even slimmer which is perfect for pockets and small handbag. An exclusively-licenced technology called Liquidmetal is utilised by Apple to make iPhones and is one of the most durable smartphone materials on the market. Despite its slimline design, it is set to have a bigger screen than previous iPhone models.

The Samsung Galaxy s5 is 145 grams and is quite thick. Apple, although possibly producing a bigger iPhone, may have an edge over Samsung in terms of the slimline design of the phone.

There has been talk that Apple will be introducing longer battery life with the iPhone 6. The Samsung Galaxy s5 already has a power-saving mode and all signs are pointing to Apple introducing a similar feature on their newest iPhone.

Water resistance is an appealing feature in the Samsung Galaxy s5 and if Apple decides to implement such a feature in the newest iPhone, then fierce competition between these rivals is sure to result. Cameras on smartphones are a must these days in order for users to share moments of their lives with their friends and family. The rumoured 10 megapixel camera on the iPhone 6 will be a huge selling point but Samsung’s 16 megapixel camera rivals this feature.

There is no doubt that each smartphone has its strengths and weaknesses and only time will tell which company will come out on top. Nevertheless, faithful Apple fans will be counting down the days until September and for the time being Samsung will be working hard to convert the Apple faithful before it’s too late.